Authentic Granada artisans route

Authentic Granada Artisans Route

You will become an unique traveler that will see more than the Alhambra and other typical touristic places. We won’t see just the things that everyone see… I am the person who will introduce you to the Granada real culture. I will take you to the workshops of our artisans and tell you about their stories and situations right now. The people I’ve met for these special tours say that it’s special 🙂

I will be your professional Granada advisor that you won’t forget.

I will also take your photos while I am making you naturally laugh!


What will we do?

– We can start with a coffee
– You will see the best non touristic parts of Granada: the real workshops of our artisans
– You will learn about our authentic traditions and customs
– I am basically going to be your new friend. I have done the same thing with +100 people on another platform and they all loved it!
– I will show you the places you can’t find on Google
– I will even help your friends for free. A lot of Insta pictures (I will come with my professional camera)


Price: 30€ per person (coffee included)
Duration: 3h
Maximum per group: 8 pax

This tour will be completely adapted to your tastes and needs as a traveler

By participating in it, you will be supporting the traditional work of Granada artisans that is at risk of loss

This experience has been awarded by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in the field of responsible and sustainable tourism

Make a reservation!

To make a reservation, text me by WhatsApp or send me an email. We will check the availability!

Reviews of Eslou travelers

Touring with Christina to visit local artisans was the highlight of my trip to Granada, I highly recommend it to others who want to know a culture intimately. I got to learn how various craftspeople make their art in the styles and methods that have been handed down and improved for hundreds of years, including tile making, ornate plaster mold, geometric wood inlay, and guitar fabrication. Christina customize the tour for each person's interests, and is a joy to be exploring with. Join her on this tour and you will learn so much!
This tour was absolutely great and exceeds all my expectations. Cristina is a really really nice and warm-hearted person. I met her and it felt as i have known her for years. I would love to have this person as a friend and so it felt at the end of this event. We saw a lot of spots that we would not have seen as normal tourists. I totally recommend Cristina with her exceptional tour.
I really enjoyed this city tour. Cris was so friendly, energetic and kind and made me feel so welcome in her city. She shared lots of interesting stories and was interested in finding out about things about England too. She is very passionate about her city and supporting the artisans in her community which made her tour very meaningful! We saw lots of unique places and beautiful views. Thank you!
It was much better than I thought! Communication don’t break from the first moment. She is very friendly and this prevents you from fearing a city you have never met. With the help of an expert you will see many places within a few hours. I strongly recommend that you join this tour for a trip to Granada. I wish there was a Cristina in every city! 🙂
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