Mushrooms and Hiking at Granada Forests

Mushrooms and Hiking at Granada Forests

I love nature and I have practiced hiking since 7 years ago. I want to meet you, have a wonderful time at the woods and also find some mushrooms to eat later!


What will we do?

– The experience will most certainly be in the journey, rather than the destination, and it will be unique each time based upon each season, location, and recent weather patterns!
– We will begin in town by covering some basic safety information for walking in the woods and ensuring that all members of the team are equipped to handle a day of mushroaming!
– We will then head out into the forest, with an specific location dependent upon the weather and time in the year 
– I will share as many tips and tricks with you as I can for finding these organisms as we wander around in the woods for a couple hours, carefully searching for fungi that we can collect and bring home
– I will also teach you how to look for key characteristics of these mushrooms, so you know exactly what fungus you have found and you can confirm that it is safe and delicious to eat
– Back in Granada city centre, I will share some of my favorite dishes that include whatever mushrooms we have found for the day


Price: 40€ per person (transportation included)
Duration: 3h
Maximum per group: 3 pax

This tour will be completely adapted to your tastes and needs as a traveler

By participating in it, you will be supporting the development of slow tourism in Granada

This experience has been awarded by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in the field of responsible and sustainable tourism

Make a reservation!

To make a reservation, text me by WhatsApp or send me an email. We will check the availability!

Reviews of eslou travelers

Cris creates the ideal experience to explore interesting sites of Granada, some of which are off the beaten path. We enjoyed a nice walk through one of the loveliest nature paths bordered on either side by streams, with singing birds and a view of the Alhambra. Her knowledge of Granada's history and its legends added so much to our experience. It is a true gift to be introduced to such a beautiful city by a local with so much passion for Granada!
Paul & Beatriz
United States
This is a wonderful way to get to know Granada from an insiders perspective. She took us places we would not have seen and heard so many great stories. Cristina is warm, friendly and highly engaged. She wants to make sure you are having the experience you want to have.
Paul & Beth
United States
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