Wine Tasting In an old cellar

Wine Tasting in an Old Cellar

Duration: 4.5h

As you know, I have created an slow tourism project named “Viajar Eslou”. This is about to rescue and promote the cultural identity of the villages of the world (and of course, Granada’s one) through responsible tourism experiences. I have done this so many times with 100+ people through another platform, I have given talks at schools about responsible tourism and I have also appeared in local newspapers for the work I am doing.

This time, I am collaborating with a wine expert who owes an antique cellar in Granada. His passion for the wine has become its job!

Also, the products you will try are made with love and totally handmade. Can you think of a better way to taste Granada?

You will become a local, learning about our wine culture and life and having a lot of incredible pictures (with my professional camera).

What will we do?

I propose a half-day getaway a little more than half an hour from the center of Granada to an old winery with great experience transmitted through its ancestors.

We will visit all the stays and will be attended by the owner. He will tell us the story of his family and some more curiosities about the wine!

Transportation, guided tour over the winery, three glasses of wine and three tapas are included. Plus, you will get a special surprise!!!

Price of this awesome experience


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To make a reservation, text me by WhatsApp or send me an email. We will check the availability!

Reviews of Eslou travelers

Cristina is a special friendly person with great experience & knowledge, she made my day perfect. I have been in Granada for 5 times but this was a special. I got to know alot about the local life plus great new locations won’t be found in any other tour and that from an experience. Muchas Gracias Cristina!
bassam viajar eslou
It was a great tour around a beautiful city! A lot of history to cover. Cristina showed me her favorite spots in the city which actually where a treasure to me. It was such an unique experience that covered all my expectations about Granada and its locals. She also sent me really good pictures with her professional camera. Pretty much recommended!
United States
¡Era mi primer experiencia de visita con una persona de la ciudad y me encantó! Además Cristina es muy atenta y sabe cómo hacer sentirte como una verdadera local. Mi amiga estuvo mala y no pudo acudir finalmente conmigo. Sin embargo, Cristina fue muy cercana y puedo considerarla desde ahora mi amiga. Hablamos de Granada, de mi ciudad, de nuestras vidas y infinidad de cosas más. ¡¡Nos lo pasamos muy bien!! Además, me envió las fotos que me hizo con su cámara profesional tras terminar el tour y como guinda me envió una lista especial de lugares únicos que visitar por la ciudad. ¡No os podéis perder esta experiencia con Cristina!
Experiencia única con Cristina. Es muy maja, interesante, muy generosa y atenta. Visitamos muchos lugares y Cristina nos entregó mucho tiempo. No hablo inglés y Cristina pasaba del inglés al español muy fácilmente (la ruta era con otros holandeses también). ¡Vaya capacidad de adaptación! Empezamos con unas tapitas y así pudimos encontrar a unos amigos suyos. Luego recorrimos Granada. Nos habló de su interesante proyecto Viajar Eslou y nos enseñó palabras y expresiones típicas de Granada. ¡Nos hemos reído mucho! Les recomiendo a Cristina sin reservas ningunas. ¡¡No dudéis en descubrir Granada con Cristina!!
We can absolutely recommend Cristina’s tour through Granada. Great to get insight and information from somebody who lives there!
The Netherlands
The tour is so great! Can’t miss it if you come to Granada! It was a really unique experience with a local person from Granada!!!
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